FC Barcelona returned to the OK Liga as they left it before the Copa del Rey, with a win, 7-3 against a highly resistant Igualada, who led twice but ultimately succumbed to what are still the clear league leaders.

It was a pulsating game, with the Palau faithful treated to ten goals, three each in the first half, and four from the home side in the second.

That’s seventeen wins in the domestic championship for the Blaugrana, and the ideal preparation for the first leg of the European League quarter final against Italian outfit Forte dei Marmi. 


FC Barcelona Lassa, 7
Igualada Calaf Grup, 3

Barça Lassa: Egurrola, Matias Pascual, Pablo Álvarez, Panadero, Bargalló –starting five–, Marc Gual, Edu Lamas, Xavi Barroso, Lucas Ordoñez.

Igualada: Elagi Deitg, Sergi Pla, Tety Vives, Roger Bars, Jaume Molas –starting fivel–, Emanuel Garcia, Francesc Bargalló, Dani López, Bernat Camps.

Goals: 0-1, Tety Vives (min 1). 1-1, Edu Lamas (min 12). 2-1, Gual (min 19). 2-2, Jaume Molas (min 22). 2-3, Sergi Pla (min 23). 3-3, Barroso (min 24). 4-3, Gual (min 29). 5-3, Pablo Álvarez (min 38). 6-3, Edu Lamas (min 38). 7-3, Ordoñez (min 46).

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