FC Barcelona Lassa earned a hard-fought 3-2 win on the road against Citylift Girona to return to winning ways after three matches and to end the year on a positive note.

Pablo Álvarez opened the scoring for Barça after 13 minutes to give the team the confidence they so very much needed.

And things were about to get a whole lot better for the visitors as, in the next four minutes, two penalties would go in their favour. Both were converted by Lucas Ordoñez, giving Barça a precious 3-0 lead to protect with still plenty of the match to play.

The home side made a good battle of the match late on. Two goals from Girona in the closing stages had Barça fans biting their nails but the team held on for an invaluable win.


Girona CH, 2
FCB Lassa, 3

Girona CH: Llaverola, Manel Garcia, Pelicano, Bolcato, Josep Hernández –starting five-, David Carles, Borja Ramon.
FCB Lassa: Egurrola, Gual, Pablo Álvarez, Pau Bargalló, Panadero –starting five-, Matías Pascual, Lucas Ordoñez, Edu Lamas.
Goals: 0-1 Pablo Álvarez, min 13; 0-2 Lucas Ordoñez, min 15; 0-3 Lucas Ordoñez, min 17; 1-3 Pelicano, min 45; 2-3 Manel Garcia, min 50.
Officials: Sergi Mayor and Dani Picó. 

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