Barça Lassa moved a step closer to the OK Liga title, which is just two wins away and could come even sooner if they win their next match and Vic and Reus tie their own match.

Today’s win against Lloret was not as easy as the final scoreline might suggest, with an early goal and a fine performance from Ferran Serra meaning the home side led at the break. But Barça produced their firepower in the second half with Pablo Alvárez and Pau Bargalló each bagging braces and Matías Pascual getting the other.


CH Lloret Vila Esportiva, 1
FC Barcelona Lassa, 5

CH Lloret: Ferran Serra, Lluís Grau, David Plaza, Marc Grau, Àlex Grau –starting five-, Javier Patau, Adrià Farré & Xavi Sulé.
FCB Lassa: Sergi Fernàndez, Marc Gual, Matías Pascual, Pablo Alvárez, Sergi Panadero –starting five-, Lucas Ordóñez, Pau Bargalló, Edu Lamas & Xavi Barroso.
Goals: 1-0 Lluís Grau (min. 1). 1-1 Matías Pascual (min. 25). 1-2 Pablo Alvárez (min. 34). 1-3 Pau Bargalló (min. 38). 1-4 Pablo Alvárez (min. 38). 1-5 Pau Bargalló (min. 39).
Referees: Josep Gómez and Daniel Picó.    

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