The FC Barcelona Lassa roller hockey team is still unbeaten in the OK Liga thanks to the eleventh win of the campaign away to Vilafranca on Friday night. Ricard Muñoz’s side had to fight all the way to do it though. They eventually got there thanks to four goals from Pablo Álvarez, a brace from Matías Pascual and another thanks to Xavi Barroso.

The leaves them with the maximum 33 points ahead of the high-profile visit of second-placed Reus.


CP Vilafranca, 5
FCB Lassa, 7

Vilafranca: Arellano, Jordi Galán, Joan Vázquez, Àngel Rodríguez, Marc Palau –starting five-, Cusachs, Pintado, Lluís Ferrer.
FCB Lassa: Sergi Fernández, Panadero, Matías Pascual, Pablo Álvarez, Pau Bargalló –starting five-, Marc Gual, Lucas Ordoñez, Edu Lamas, Barroso.
Goals: 1-0 Joan Vázquez, min 2; 1-1 Matías Pascual, min 7; 1-2 Barroso, min 15; 2-2 Àngel Rodríguez, min 16; 2-3 Pablo Álvarez, min 22; 2-4 Matías Pascual, min 26; 3-4 Joan Vázquez, min 34; 4-4 Jordi Galán, min 36; 4-5 Pablo Álvarez, min 41; 4-6 Pablo Álvarez, min 42; 5-6 Marc Palau, min 45; 5-7 Pablo Álvarez, min 47.

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