The game went to penalties but the outcome was the wrong one for Barça / VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB

SL Benfica: Guillem Trabal, Jordi Adroher, Marc Torra, Diogo Rafael, Valter Neves –starting five– Carlos Nicolia, Joao Rodrigues, Tiago Rafael, Miguel Rocha i Pedro Henriques.

FC Barcelona Lassa: Aitor Egurrola, Pablo Álvarez, Marc Gual, Sergi Panadero, Matias Pascual –starting five– Xavi Barroso, Nil Roca, Lucas Ordoñez i Xavi Costa.

Goals: 0-1, Pablo Álvarez, de falta directa (min 32); 1-1, Marc Torra, de penal (min 47).

Penalties: 2-1, Adroher; 3-1, Torra; 3-2, Panadero;

Venue: Fidelidade (Lisboa). 2,500 spectators for European League semi-final


Barça Lassa will not be winning the European League for a third consecutive year after going out to Benfica on penalties. What many were saying was a final that had been ‘brought forward’ was tense and hard-fought throughout. In a hostile atmosphere at Fidelidade, Pablo Álvarez opened the scoring from a free early in the second half. The win was in touching distance, but the referees, who trod very close to the danger zone with some of their calls, also played their part in the game and Torra was able to get the Portuguese side level with just three minutes to go.

The story of the 2013 semi-final, also against Benfica in Porto, was repeated and after a scoreless overtime period, the side from the host country advanced to the final.

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