Sergi Fernández had a cracking game in Vilafranca / VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB

FC Barcelona Lassa: Sergi Fernández, Gual, Pascual, Xavi Costa & Panadero –starting five–, Pablo Álvarez, Barroso, Lucas Ordoñez & Nil Roca.

CP Vilafranca: Gerard Camps, Joan Vázquez, Rocasalbas, Jordi Galán & Ruben Fernández –starting five–, Edu Fernández, Enric Martí & Ricard Pintado.

Goals: 1-0 Costa, min 3; 1-1 Rocasalbas, min 6; 2-1 Pablo Álvarez, min 24; 3-1 Pablo Álvarez, min 34; 3-2 Xavi Barroso, min 47.

Barça Lassa have now gone a whole half of the OK Liga without losing, after beating a tough opponent in Cafès Novell CP Vilafranca Capital del Vi, who have qualified for the Final Four and are stringing together some fine results of late. The Blaugrana had to sweat right until the end but managed the game to perfection with a fine performance from goalkeeper Sergi Fernández and goals from Xavi Costa and Pablo Álvarez (2).

The win leaves them top of the table, five points ahead of Vic and six ahead of Liceo.

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