Pablo Álvarez scored the first goal of the game in minute eight. / VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB

The Copa del Rey is no place to get distracted. And on Thursday night, FC Barcelona Lassa were locked in from the first minute to the very last, scoring a complete game shutout that was every bit as dominating as the final 8–0 score indicated. The resounding victory lets FCB wave goodbye to the quarterfinals and hello to the semis. That's where they'll be on Saturday night at 7.00pm CET, when they face Noia, which kocked out Caldes in a penalty shootout.


FCB Lassa, 8
Igualada, 0

FC Barcelona Lassa: Sergi Fernández, Marc Gual, Matías Pascual, Pablo Álvarez and Sergi Panadero —starting five— Lucas Ordoñez, Xavi Costa, Barroso i Nil Roca.

Igualada Calaf Grup: Elagi Deitg, Jaume Molas, Sergi Pla, Ton Baliu i Dani López —starting five— Roger Bars, Pol Galbas, Garreta i Muntané.

Goals: 1-0, Pablo Álvarez (min 8);  2-0, Marc Gual (min 9); 3-0, Panadero (min 25); 4-0, Matías (min 33); 5-0, Lucas Ordoñez, de falta directa (min 38); 6-0, Costa, (min 42); 7-0, Costa (min 47); 8-0, Barroso (min 48).

Fouls: 15 FCB, 14 Igualada

Referees: Ribó and González.


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