Xavi Barroso / Darius Goralczyk

Ricard Muñoz’s side recorded a more than comfortable win over German side Iserlohn away from home with hat-tricks from Pablo Álvarez and Barroso, braces from Panadero, Xavi Costa, Gual and Ordoñez and a strike from Lamas. The victory in the second game of the group stages of the European League allows them to record six points from six in the competition as the blaugranes dominated from start to finish on Saturday in Germany.

Barça took the lead in the very first minute with Marc Gual cracking in a penalty before adding a second thanks to an assist from Panadero. Two counter attacks saw Barça take a 4-0 lead before goals from Pablo Álvarez, Ordoñez and Barroso made it 7-0 to Ricard Muñoz’s team at half time.

More goals in the second half

WIth their superiority not in question, Barça gave a chance to youngster Sergi Llorca. More goals were not slow in coming, Panadero added a penalty and Pablo Álvarez also found the net from inside the area. Panadero then scored number 10 before Iserhohn finally got on the scoresheet with a free hit from Costa.

The Germans’ goal seemed to inspire Barça and Barroso and Costa helped themselves to two more goals each before Ordoñez rounded off a splendid evening with a goal from a free hit.


ERG Iserlohn, 1
FCB Lassa, 15

ERG Iserlohn: Sato, Milewski, Pereira, Costa, Fonseca (starting five), Hegener, Nuñez and Sittler.
FC Barcelona Lassa: Sergi Fernández, Marc Gual, Sergi Panadero, Pablo Álvarez i Xavi Costa (starting five) Ordoñez, Lamas, Barroso and Sergi Llorca.

Goals: 0-1, Gual, min 1; 0-2, Gual, min 4; 0-3, Pablo Álvarez, min 8; 0-4, Lamas, min 15; 0-5, Ordoñez, min 15; 0-6, Barroso, min 19; 0-7, Pablo Álvarez, min 22; 0-8, Panadero, min 26; 0-9, Pablo Álvarez, min 27; 0-10, Panadero, min 30; 1-10, Costa, min 40; 1-11, Barroso, min 45; 1-12, Xavi Costa, min 46; 1-13, Barroso, min 47; 1-14, Xavi Costa, min 49; 1-15, Ordoñez, min 50.

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