Sergi Panadero scored one of the three Barça goals on FRiday / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

FC Barcelona: Sergio Fernández, Marc Gual, S. Panadero, Matías Pascual & Pablo Álvarez – starting five – Marc Torra, Reinaldo García, Barroso & Raul Marín.

Enrile Pas Alcoi: Marc Grau, Formatjé, Cañellas, Aguilar & Figa – starting five – César Candanedo, Rico, Arche & Vicente Martí.

Goals: 1-0 Pablo Álvarez min 0; 1-1 Pere Canyelles min 6; 2-1 Matías Pascual min 9; 3-1 Panadero min 47; Formatjé 3-2 min 49.


Barça are into the final four of the Copa del Rey after a tight victory against Alcoi, a side that caused FCB plenty of problems when they recently met in the OK Liga. It all got off to the perfect start with a Pablo Álvarez goal for Barça after just seven seconds. However, the side from Alicante had soon drawn level from the stick of their best player of the evening, Ferran Formatjé. Moments later, Matías Pascual re-established Barça’s lead by pouncing on the rebound from a Marc Gual strike.

Barça produced more dominant hockey after the break but there was no further score until there were just three minutes on the clock. Sergi Panadero looked to have sentenced the match when he made it 3-1, but with 30 seconds left Formatjé pulled one back for Alcoi. There was no time for them to complete a comeback, and it is Barça who go into Saturday’s semi-final against either Reus or Voltregà.

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