El FC Barcelona serà a la Final a Quatre / GERMÁN PARGA-FCB

FC Barcelona, 8
Hockey Valdagno, 5

FC Barcelona: Egurrola, Gual, Reinaldo, Panadero, Raúl Marín (starting five), Barroso, Matías Pascual, Torra, Llorca

Hockey Valdagno: Cunegatti, Bertoldi, Ghirardello, Bicego, Ordóñez (starting five), López, Marchisini, Oruste

Goals: 1-0, Raúl Marín (min 3); 1-1, Ghirardello (min 10), 1-2, López (min 23); 2-2, Matías Pascual (min 30); 2-3, Ordóñez (min 31); 3-3, Gual (min 36); 4-3, Torra (min 38); 5-3, Panadero (min 46); 6-3, Torra (min 46); 7-3, Reinaldo (min 47); 8-3, Raúl Marín (min 48); 8-4, Oruste (min 50); Ordóñez (min 50)

FC Barcelona have made it to the final four. Ricard Muñoz’s team had won 6-2 in Italy against Hockey Valdagno and they claimed victory once again in the Palau to book their place amongst the quartet of top teams in Europe for the fourth consecutive season.

It was not as straightforward a victory as it may appear in what was coach Muñoz’s 100th game in charge of the Barça roller hockey side. He celebrated by guiding his side to the Final Four, to be played at a venue which is yet to be decided.

The blaugranes had to come from behind in the second leg against the Italian side on more than one occasion. At half time Muñoz’s side trailed 2-1 and into the second half Valdagno led 3-2 at one point. The blaugranes improved their accuracy in front of the goal after the break, a strike from Torra from a penalty giving the home side a 4-3 lead. Panadero stretched Barça’s lead with a fifth and from that minute on the Italians realised that there was no way back into the tie and their heads dropped. Muñoz’s side stretched their lead to 8-3 before a late rally from the visitors saw the final score an 8-5 victory that takes them into the Final Four.

FC Barcelona - Valdagno (Lliga Europea 2014/15) por
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