Marc Gual scored one of the goals against Benfica / PHOTO: FCB ARCHIVE

SL Benfica, 1
FC Barcelona, 3

SL Benfica: Trabal, Neves, Rodrigues, Carlos López, Tuco –starting five–, Nicolía, Rocha, Diogo Rafael, Tiago Rafael.

FC Barcelona: Egurrola, Pascual, Gual, Panadero, Pablo Álvarez –starting five–, Torra, Barroso, Marín, Reinaldo.

Goals: 0-1 Gual, 9'; 0-2 Pascual, 27'; 0-3 Gual, 37'; 1-3 Nicolía, 45'.

Referees: F. Ferrari and M. Galoppi

The Barça hockey team are on their way back from Portugal after a job well done. Ricard Muñoz's squad went to Lisbon to face Benfica with the clear objective of winning and clinching first place in their European League group and ensuring a quarterfinal return leg match at the Palau Blaugrana. In a very physical match, two goals from Marc Gual either side of halftime and another from Matías Pascual at the start of the second half handed Barça a 3–1 win along with the objectives they were after. Benfica, unbeaten in all competitions up until this match, could only manage one goal.

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