Pablo Álvarez, amb l'estic aixecat, esperona el públic del Palau

Álvarez encouraging the fans / PHOTO: GERMAN PARGA - FCB

This Sunday, Porto and Barça will play in the Final of the top European competition (12.00, Esport3). Ricard Muñoz's team want to win their twentieth title, at home in front of theri fans. Nevertheless, this is the second consecutive Final for Porto, and gthey are keen to win it. Porto won the European Cup in 1986 and 1990, but since then they have only seen disappointment.

The two sides have played each other in 5 European Finals since 1985, when it was then decided over two legs, until 2007 in Bassano, in a Final Four format.  Barça have been victorious on all five occasions.

Well known rival

This Sunday will be the third time the teams hae played each other this season. The Portuguese won the first one (6-2)but Barça won the second match easily, at the Palau (7-0). Neves' team are a top level side, with great individual players, and very attack minded. They demonstarted this in the semi-final against Moritz Vendrell and they'll want to repeat that this Sunday. A full Palau could be the key to helping Barça win the Title. You can also participate!

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