They fought until the end but they weren’t rewarded for their efforts. Barça were defeated by Vendrell, and thus were denied the Cup title. An efficient first half gave the home team an insurmountable lead despite Barça’s reaction in the second half. FC Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu attended the match.

FC Barcelona started off by dominating possession, but they were unable to finish off their chances. Vendrell, with their fans pushing them on, took the lead thanks to Sergi Miras from the penalty spot. Barça didn’t shy away despite the goal, but Vendrell’s defence was aggressive and effective. Barça came close to equalizing through Marín, who sent the ball to the post, and Barroso, whose shot went just wide, but Vendrell doubled their lead thanks to a shot from Cortijo on 18 minutes.

The objective was clear: fight back from the two-goal deficit. But before Barça could start their comeback Eloi Albesa made it 3-0 (min 31). However, when things started to look bad, Barça fired for two goals in one minute. Panadero and Reinaldo brought the Blaugrana within one goal of equalising on 32 minutes. But Ángel Rodríguez was quick to score, and thus established a two-goal advantage, but Torra fired back to one again bring Barça within one (min 36).

Barça looked for the equaliser and Vendrell dug in to conserve their lead. With the visiting team in all-out catch up mode, Vendrell put the game beyond reach with two goals from Ángel Rodríguez and Jordi Creus (6-3).


Moritz Vendrell, 6
FC Barcelona, 3

Moritz Vendrell (2+4): Xevi Puigbí, Jordi Creus, Lluís Ferrer, Eloi Albesa, Sergi Miras -starting five-, Ángel Rodríguez, Jordi Ferrer and Carlos Cortijo.

FC Barcelona (0+3): Sergi Fernàndez, Sergi Panadero, Pablo Álvarez, Reinaldo García, Marc Torra -starting five-, Marc Gual, Xavi Barroso, Matías Pascual and Raul Marín.

Goals: 1-0, Sergi Miras, p. (min 7); 2-0, Carlos Cortijo (min 18); 3-0, Eloi Albesa, FD (min 31); 3-1, Sergi Panadero (min 32); 3-2, Reinaldo García (min 32); 4-2, Ángel Rodríguez (min 33); 4-3, Marc Torra (min 36); 5-3, Ángel Rodríguez (min 45); 6-3, Jordi Creus (min 47).

Referees: García Romero and Valverde Muniera.

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