Pascual i Torra.


In the final! FC Barcelona defeated Benfica in the second semi-final of the Final Four at the Palau Blaugrana. The men managed by Ricard Muñoz booted the holders of the European Cup in a match that they started off by conceding the first goal, scored by Rodrigues. Barça didn’t lose their nerves and they managed to battle back. It wasn’t a repeat of last year’s defeat and Porto, the other semi-final winner, await Barça in the final.


Benfica, 2
FCB, 3

SL Benfica (1+1): Guillem Trabal, Abalos, Carlos López, Neves and Rodrigues –starting five–, Rafael i Marc Coy.
FC Barcelona (2+1):
Egurrola, Panadero, Gual, Álvarez, Pascual –starting five–, Reinaldo, Torra, Barroso and Marín.

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