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A victory for the history books. Barça claimed the Spanish Super Cup for the seventh time in Club history. This year’s edition featured a new format (final four). The Blaugrana defeated Reus Deportiu on penalties after the two teams were level on three goals at the end of the match.

Electric match

FC Barcelona hit first through Álvarez, who was assisted by Torra. But the lead was short lived as Jepi Selva brought Reus level with an unstoppable shot for Sergi Fernández before the break.

The teams came into the second half eager to take the title, and Barça, just as in the first half, took the lead. However, Reus weren’t going to go down without a fight and drew level after only five minutes. Raul Marín was decisive for Barça as he struck a free hit pass Molina for the lead, but a good counterattack sealed the definitive three-all draw before the final whistle.

Neither side managed to break through in overtime and in the decisive penalty shootout, Gual was the only player to score. His goal was enough to give Barça its seventh Spanish Super Cup in Club history.


FC Barcelona, 3
Reus Deportiu, 3

FC Barcelona (1+2): Fernández (Egurrola), Panadero, Reinaldo, Álvarez, Torra –starting five–, Barroso, Gual, Marín and Pascual.

Reus Deportiu (1+2): Molina, Casanovas, Adroher, Ollé, Costa –starting five–, Jepi Selva and Salvat.

Goals: 1-0, Álvarez, min 5; 1-1, Jepi Selva, min 6; 2-1, Torra, min 33; 2-2, Barroso, p.p., min 35; 3-2, Marín, FD, min 42; 3-3, Costa, min 48. *

Referees: Mayor Oliván i Sanz Rodríguez

*(1-0 penalty: Gual)

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