Pablo Álvarez condueix la bola

Pablo Álvarez ha decantat el partit amb quatre gols a la segona part. / FOTO: GERMÁN PARGA-FCB

Barça were made to work hard for their victory over Noia Freixent this evening. Just three days before, the team from San Sadurín de Anoia claimed the CERS Cup in Italy. So the men managed by Ricard Muñoz received the champions with an honour guard before the game.

Winning the European title, plus the following celebrations, meant that the visiting team came into the match at the Palau with sky-high morale. With that said, Barça reacted in the second half and claimed victory, thus extending their lead over Liceo (who are second).


FC Barcelona, 6
Noia Freixenet, 2

FC Barcelona (2+4): Egurrola, Panadero, Reinaldo, Álvarez, Torra –starting five–, Pascual, Marín, Barroso and Gual.

CE Noia Freixenet (2+0): Luis Gil, Eloi Mitjans, Marc Julià, Jordi Del Amor and Francesc Gil –starting five–, Pau Bargalló, Aleix Esteller, Joan Feixas and Àlex Ribó.

Goals: 0-1, min 3, Eloi Mitjans; 0-2, min 9, Eloi Mitjans; 1-2, min 22, Pascual (penal); 2-2, min 23, Torra (falta directa); 3-2, min 27, Álvarez; 4-2, min 28, Álvarez; 5-2, min 47, Álvarez (falta directa); 5-2, min 48, Álvarez.

Àrbitres: Goméz Sánchez i González González. Blava als local Reinaldo Garcia i als visitants Del Amor i Aleix Esteller. També als entrenadors Ricard Muñoz i Ferran López. Faltes: 12 i 13.

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