Pablo Álvarez scoring

Pablo Álvarez scored two goals / PHOTO: FCB ARCHIVE

Barça stormed to victory at Blanes HC, yet after the first 25 minutes things were not looking quite so cosy. However, goals from Torra, Álvarez , Reinaldo and Marín ripped holes in the net defended by Llaverola in the second period and Barça have now won three out of three.

A game of two halves

Marc Torra opened the scoring with a penalty after just three minutes, but Blanes were unfazed by the early setback and soon equalised through Bargalló, and that was how things remained until half-time. At that stage of the match nobody could have predicted the onslaught that would follow after the break. First Álvarez, from a free hit, and then Marc Torra had Barça leading 3-1 in the blink of an eyelid. But that was just the start of it.

The 36th minute saw the floodgates open. What had looked like a potentially even matched game ended with Barça scoring goals with almost embarrassing ease against a hopelessly deflated Blanes side. Torra (2), Reinaldo (2), Pablo Álvarez and Marín (2) all found the net as FCB flew towards an eventual 10-3 win.

The goal-fest means Barça maintain their hundred per cent record and top the table with a goal difference of 26 goals for and just 10 against.


Blanes HC, 3
FC Barcelona, 10

Blanes HC (1+2): Llaverola, Formatjé, Ridaura, Bargalló, Manel García – cinc inicial – Daniel, Aguilar, Plaza i Fernández.

FC Barcelona (1+9): Egurrola, Barroso, Panadero, Álvarez, Torra – cinc inicial – Gual, Marín, Gabarra i Reinaldo.

: 0-1, Torra, p., min 3; 1-1, Bargalló, min 10; 1-2, Álvarez, FD, min 27; 1-3, Torra, min 30; 1-4, Álvarez, min36; 1-5, Reinaldo, min 38; 1-6; Reinaldo, min 41; 2-6, Formatjé, p., min 41; 2-7, Torra, min 42; 2-8, Torra, min 46; 3-8, Bargalló, min 47; 3-9, Barroso, min 47; 3-10, Marín, min 47.   

: Mayor Oliván i González González.

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