The Spanish national team, led by the Azulgrana Marc Gual, managed to win its third match in the European Championship by a devastating 21-1 margin. At the break, Spain already had a 9-1 lead. In the second half, the Spanish national team upped the tempo in an attempt to solidify their overall goal-average and secure the top spot of the group.

The flow of goals was constant throughout the match. Despite Spain’s dominance, however, England were able to do what neither Germany nor Italy could, score a goal against Spain. England looked good after their goal, but they went to the break with a 9-1 on the scoreboard. At the start of the second half, Spain sent out its reserve players, like Enric Torner and Toni Pérez. The Azulgrana Marc Gual played from the start, just as he did in Spain’s first two matches, and he scored two goals.

Five Azulgranas in the U20 EURO

Quim Paüls, Spain’s U20 national manager, unveiled the list of players that will represent the country in the European Championship, which is scheduled to take place on October 29 through November 3.

The champions of the World Cup will fight to win back the EURO title lost to Portugal in the 2010 EURO in Viareggio.

Players names to the U20 team:

Gerard Camps - CE Vendrell
Guillem Fox - FC Barcelona
Pau Bargalló - CE Noia
Àlex Rodríguez - CP Voltregà
Roger Preses - Shum Maçanet
David Martínez - FC Barcelona
Pol Galbas - FC Barcelona
Marc Julià - FC Barcelona
Xavi Aldrich - FC Barcelona
David Torres - CP Cerceda


Spain, 21
England, 1

Spain: Puigbí, Adroher, Gil, Bargalló and Gual-starting five-Pérez, Torner and Bancells

England: Howes, Conroy, Zaccaria, White and Smith-starting five- Jup, Pinheriro, Stewart, Smith and Cayley

Goals: 1-0 Adroher (2 '), 2-0 Gil (7'), 3-0 Bargalló (7 '), 4-0 Gil (7'), 5-0 Gil (8 '), 6-0 Gil (8 '), 6-1 Conroy (12'), 7-1 Gual (13 '), 8-1 Bancells (19'), 9-1 Bancells (19 '), 10-1 Gual (21') , 11-1 Gil (22 '), 12-1 Pérez (24'), 13-1 Gual (25 ') 14-1 Pérez (26'), 15-1 Pérez (28 '), 16-1 Pérez ( 29 '), 17-1 Pérez (35'), 18-1 Torner (35 '), 19-1 Pérez (35'), 20-1 Pérez (38 '), 21-1 Pérez (39').

Referees: Rego Lamela (POR) and Pascal Hanras (FRA)

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