Ordeig / PHOTO: LAIA SOLANELLAS - delCamp.cat

Barça’s roller hockey team managed to fight back from a three-goal deficit to secure a valuable point against Reus Deportiu. Cairo’s Barça, who were without Pablo Álvarez due to injury, remain in the second spot of the OK Liga table, three points behind the leaders, Coinasa Liceo, who won this Tuesday evening away to Moritz Vendrell (4-5). The point won this evening could very well prove to be worth its weight in gold at the end of the season.


Reus Deportiu, 3
FC Barcelona, 3

Reus Deportiu (2+1): Trabal, Casanovas (2), Molet, Salvat i Adroher -starting five- Marín (1), Rubio.

FC Barcelona (0+3): Egurrola, Ordeig, Gual, Torra (1) i Panadero -starting five- Reinaldo, Miras, Julià.

Goals: 1-0, Casanovas (min 11); 2-0, Marín (min 13); 3-0, Casanovas (min 35); 3-1, Ordeig (min 37); 3-2, Marín (pp, min 43); 3-3, Torra (min 44)

Referees: Josep Ribó and Josep Gómez


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