Motriz Vendrell and Barça’s roller hockey team played the opening match of Week 25 of the OK League this evening. The men led by Ricard Muñoz defeated the team currently occupying the third place on the table, the same team that eliminated the Blaugrana from the Copa del Rey. With tonight’s victory, the team’s 19th in the competition, FC Barcelona maintains its pressure on Coinasa Liceo and its hope of winning back-to-back league titles. Barça will have to pay close attention to the outcome of the match played between the league leaders and Blanes, a team that are currently fighting to get out of the relegation zone.


Moritz Vendrell, 3
FC Barcelona, 4

Moritz Vendrell (0+3): Molina, Costa, Selva, Albesa, Barroso -starting five- Rodríguez, Aragonès, Ferrer.

FC Barcelona (2+2): Fernández, Ordeig, Gual, Panadero, Torra -starting five- Álvarez.

Goals: 0-1, Panadero (min. 8); 0-2, Álvarez (min. 17); 0-3,Torra (min. 28); 1-3, Costa (min. 38); 1-4, Álvarez (min. 45); 2-4, Costa (min.45); 3-4, Selva (min. 47).

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