FC Barcelona’s roller hockey team crushed Igualada this evening by 1 to 7. The home team started off strong but the Blaugrana were dominant for the rest of the match. The two teams had faced off three times prior to tonight's match, and everything pointed to a relatively equal showdown. Neither side threatened to score at the start, but as time ticked off the clock Barça proved the more dominant and aggressive team. 


Igualada HC, 1
FC Barcelona, 7

Igualada HC (1+0): Deitg, Baliu, Casadevall, Pla, Caceres –starting five – M. Povedano, A. Povedano, Vives, Vera and Vilaseca.

FC Barcelona (4+3): Fernandez, Panadero, Ordeig, Torra, Alvarez –starting five – Gual, Miras, Reinaldo and Julià.

Goals: 0-1, Álvarez, min 17; 0-2, Torra, min 21; 0-3 Gual, min 23; 1-3, M. Povedano, min 23; 1-4, Reinaldo, min 24; 1-5, Mia Ordeig, min 35; 1-6, Álvarez, min 48; 1-7, Álvarez, min 49.

Referees: Garcia Romero and Fernández Garcia.

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