It was a bittersweet result that FC Barcelona’s roller hockey team came away with in the away leg of the European League quarter-final against HC Liceo. Ricard Muñoz’s men fell behind after Matías Pascual netted the opener , but Gual, after a great play from Reinaldo García, brought the Blaugrana level. Pablo Álvarez fired Barça ahead minutes later.

A Blaugrana victory wasn’t meant to be, however, as Toni Pérez scored the equalizer for the home team. The return leg will be played on May 11th at the Palau Blaugrana.


HC Liceo, 2
FC Barcelona, 2

HC Liceo (1+1)
: Malián, J. Lamas, Pascual, E. Lamas, Bargalló, Ordoñez and Pérez.

FC Barcelona (2+0)
: Fernández, Gual, Torra, Panadero, Reinaldo, Mia Ordeig and Álvarez.

Goals: 1-0, Pascual, min 3; 1-1, Gual, min 4; 1-2, Álvarez, min 12; 2-2, Pérez, FD, min 41.

: Eccelsi and Da Prato.

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