Sergi Fernández / PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

No one said it was going to be easy, and that’s especially true in the Final Four. Barça were eliminated on penalties in the semi-finals of the European tournament against Benfica. Before the shootout, the team led by Ricard Muñoz nearly qualified for the final, but in the last minute of regulation time, Carlos López brought the Portuguese side level.


FC Barcelona, 4
SL Benfica, 4

FC Barcelona (2+2)
: Sergi, Mia Ordeig, Gual, Panadero, Torra –starting five–, Álvarez, Reinaldo and Miras.

SL Benfica (1+3)
: Silva, Neves, Ábalos, López, Coy –starting five–, Filho, Cacau, Rodrigues, Viana and Rafael.

: 0-1, López, min 3; 1-1, Álvarez, min 22; 2-1, Panadero, min 24; 2-2, Viana, p., min 27; 3-2, Torra, FD, min 37; 3-3, Viana, p., min 38, 4-3, Miras, min 42; 4-4 López, min 49.

: Eccelsi and Da Prato.

Benfica win 1-2 on penalties.

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