The match between Barça and Club Patí Vic was intense from the starting whistle. The Blaugrana fell behind to Vic after a quick counter led by Rocasalbas (0-1). Barça, however, took control of the match and claimed the lead thanks to goals from Reinaldo Garcia and Marc Torra (2-1) before the break. The match was equally intense in the second half, this time, however, Barça scored first to the delight of 2,807 fans at the Palau. Pablo Álvarez, from a free hit, and Marc Gual, on a counterattack, scored for Barça, while Titi Roca, in the dying minutes of the match, pulled one back for Vic. Final score 4-2.


FC Barcelona, 4
Club Patí Vic, 2

FC Barcelona (2+2): Sergio Fernández, Marc Gual, Marc Torra, Sergio Miras, Sergi Panadero –starting five- Pablo Álvarez, Mia Ordeig and Reinaldo García.

Club Patí  Vic (1+1): Grau, Titi Roca, Bancells, Rocasalbas, Cristian Rodríguez –starting five- Molera, Carbó and Terns.

Goals: 0-1, Rocasalbas (min 15); 1-1, Reinaldo (min 22); 2-1, Torra (min 23); 3-1, Pablo Álvarez, F.D., (min 38); 4-1, Gual (min 39); 4-2, Titi Roca (min 45).

Referees: García Romero and Vega Martínez.

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