Panadero and Marc Torra / PHOTO: ARCHIVE FCB

FC Barcelona’s roller hockey team secured a very important victory at Vic's always complicated Olímpico arena. The Blaugrana started the match with the clear intention of taking all the points and they quickly took the lead after only two minutes thanks to a strike from Panadero. It’s worth nothing that Vic’s starting goal keeper, Carles Grau, didn’t feature against FC Barcelona.


Club Patí Vic, 0
FC Barcelona, 5

Club Patí Vic (0+0): Campor, Titi Roca, Bancells, Rocasalbas, Cristian Rodríguez,  Molera, Carbó, Terns and Font.

FC Barcelona (2+3): Fernández, Gual, Panadero, Mia Ordeig, Torra, Miras, Gabarra and Álvarez.

Goals: 0-1, Panadero, min 2; 0-2, Gabarra, min 20; 0-3, Marc Torra, FD, min 38; 0-4, Panadero, min 49; 0-5, Álvarez, FD, min 49.

Referees: Valverde and Gómez

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