A vital victory was secured at one of the most complicated courts of the league, the Ateneu of Sant Sadurní of Noia. Barça won thanks to excellent performances from Pablo Álvarez and Aitor Egurrola. The Argentinian’s three goals – Gual and Torra netted one apiece – and the saves from the Spanish international carried the Blaugrana to victory.


CE Noia Freixenet, 2
FC Barcelona, 8

CE Noia Freixenet (1+0): Puigbí, Esteller, Del Amor, Mitjans, Bargalló – starting five - Feixas and Seró.

FC Barcelona (2+6): Egurrola, Gual, Mia Ordeig, Panadero, Torra – starting five - Álvarez, Miras, Gabarra and Reinaldo.

Goals: 1-0, Mitjans, min 14;1-1, Alvarez, min 23; 1-2, Álvarez, min 24; 1-3, Gual, FD, min 38; 1-4, Torra, FD, min 45; 1-5, Álvarez, FD, min 46, 1-6, Torra, min 48; 1-7, Reinaldo, min 48; 2-7, Feixas, min 49, 2-8, Gabarra, min 49.

Referees: López Leiton and Garrote

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