Aitor Egurrola and Beto Borregán / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

Beto Borregán is leaving the captain armband in good hands. After Borregán hung up his skates after defending the Blaugrana colours 18 years, the once five-year captain of FC Barcelona’s roller hockey team presented the symbolic armband to the keeper Aitor Egurrola. The two men met  this week but it won’t be until Monday, when Gaby Cairo’s men start their pre-season, that the keeper will take on his new responsibilities as captain.

Beto, Negro and Gaby

At 32 years old, Egurrola, who started playing for Barça in 1998, will wear the captain armband. During this time he’s played alongside Azulgrana legends. The Barça keeper hopes to “do just as good of a job as Beto Borregán, ‘Negro’ Paéz and Gaby Cairo - they were all my captains.” In addition, Egurrola hopes to inherit “Beto’s leadership on the court.”

Borregán noted that “Egurrola will play glorious matches for Barça.” He added that it won’t be difficult for the keeper to settle into his new role because “last season the players looked up to him. He was more important in the dressing room than me.”

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