FC Barcelona’s roller hockey team earned a berth in the final of the King’s Cup after seeing off the hosts, CP Vilanova Mopesa, in an intense and very close game. Gaby Cairo’s men dug deep to beat Vilanova, spurred forward by the home crowd, by one solitary goal.

Equality at the start

FC Barcelona and Vilanova both came out of the gates set on employing a fast and dynamic style of play. Excitement and spectacle was guaranteed. The first goal was scored by Vilanova, on the 4th minute, after a fantastic counterattack led by Manel Garcia. Barça didn’t shrink away, however, and they threw men forward looking for the equaliser - which came six minutes later when Mai Ordeig netted his shot thanks to a great team play.

Marc Torra, on 16 minutes, put Barça in front after scoring a penalty. But Vilanova quickly struck back thanks to Francesc Gil. All level at the half.

Intense second half

The second half was more intense than the first. After only one minute and four seconds, Marc Torra scored Barça’s third. Vilanova, not to be outdone, scored the equaliser one minute later thanks to Manel Garcia.

The game was teetering on the edge with both teams attacking incessantly. On 32 minutes, Pablo Álverez, with a great shot, scored Barça’s fourth. But, once again, Vilanova scored the equaliser in the next play thanks to Gil, who stole the ball and led a quick counterattack.

The game was crazy, but Cairo’s men showed the necessary maturity to take the match. It was Marc Torra, once again, that put his team in front. The Barça player took a free hit and subsequently scored. Hat-trick for Torra and Barça was in front with seven minutes left on the clock.

Victory and a ticket to the final of the King’s Cup assured. Barça will face Noia this Sunday at 16:00.


CP Vilanova Mopesa: Gil, Francesc Gil, Creus, Òscar Martínez and Manel Garcia –starting five- Rodríguez, González.

FC Barcelona:
Fernández, Torra, Ordeig, Borregán and Panadero -starting five - Reinaldo, Gual, Álvarez.

Goals: 1-0, Manel Garcia, min 4; 1-1, Mia Ordeig, min 9; 1-2, Torra, min 15; 2-2, Gil, min 15; 2-3, Torra, min 26; 3-3, Manel Garcia, min 27; 3-3, Álvarez, min 32; 4-4, Gil, min 32, and 5-4, Torra, min 37.

Referees: Antonio Gómez and Juan José Melero.

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