Borregán and Egurrola after the final match of the European League in Lodi / PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS-FCB

On May 27th at 20:00, Borregán broke down. His eyes were red with tears. He knew that he had just played his last match as a professional roller hockey player in a European competition, his last challenge as a professional player. Beyond the fact that he said farewell to the European League without winning the title - after the match the Barça captain admitted his opponents’ superiority-, the morale blow lingered because it was his last game in the continental competition.

Now he finds himself in a similar situation, and this match has the potential to be even more emotional for the Barça captain. Borregán will play his last match at the Palau Blaugrana - the last match of the OK Liga will be away to Noia at Sant Sadurní- and the game is against Coinasa Liceo, the team that beat Barça in the final of the European League. It’s sure to be a significant experience for the FC Barcelona captain. If the match in Lodi was tough, the one at the Palau, at home, will be even more difficult.

He will lift his last trophy

Borregán has already lifted two titles this season: the Spanish Super Cup and the Copa del Rey. This title, however, will be the most significant. The captain will lift the 24th Liga title in the history of the Club, which happens to be his 15th Liga title. Borregán knows that he’ll get a tribute from the Club at 12:30, and he’ll get a standing ovation from the fans in the stands. The RFE of Skating will also award the captain with a gold insignia. He’ll lift the trophy of the OK Liga, however, after the match against Coinasa Liceo.

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