Gaby Cairo's team continue to improve and grow with every game and the win over Alcoy was their ninth of the OK Liga. Barça won 7-3, but for quite a while the visitors went toe to toe with the hosts in a very open game, full of excitement and goals.

Alcoy, who have still yet to take a single point this season, managed to take the lead three times in the game  - something very few teams are capable of doing at the Palau. With nothing to lose, Alcoy went for the game and for a while they looked as if they might just spring a surprise before Barça hit back and took the points

Argentinean magic

Martinez put the visitors ahead after six minutes, but just seven seconds later Marc Torra equalised. Pablo Álvarez then pulled Barça back into the game with the second and third goals after Alcoy had taken the lead. The second came after a great connection between him and Reinaldo and the third a fantastic effort that will no doubt be watched again and again.

The game was being played at a hectic pace and it was Alvarez again who scored to make it 4-3, before Borregán made it five just before the break.

Barça continued to thrill their home crowd with some great roller hockey after the break, full of fast, skilful and accurate play. Pablito and Reinaldo continued to torment the Alcoy defence and Torra completed his hat trick with two typical striker's goals.



FC Barcelona (5+2): Sergi Fernández, Gual, Torra (3), Reinaldo, Pablo Álvarez (3) –starting five-Barroso, Ordeig, Panadero, Borregán (1) and Egurrola.

Enrile Pas Alcoi (3+0): Navedo, Cañellas, Tuti (1), Pérez, Sáez –starting five-, Martínez (2), López, Cadanedo and Aceituno.

Goals: 0-1, Martínez (6'); 1-1, Marc Torra (6'); 1-2, Tuti (8'); 2-2, Pablo Álvarez (8'); 2-3, Martínez (8'); 3-3, Pablo Álvarez (10'); 4-3, Pablo Álvarez (13'); 5-3, Borregán (22'); 6-3 Marc Torra (32'); Marc Torra (33');

Referees:Veiga and Prades.

Venue: Palau Blaugrana. 1.014 spectators

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