He won eight OK Liga titles as an Azulgrana player, but tonight he won the title for the first time as the manager of FC Barcelona’s roller hockey team. However, for Gaby Cairo the feeling of winning, the joy of completing the OK Liga season “isn’t that different” from when he was a player. The manager considers that his team are the just winners of the competition, and he’s pleased that the title was won at the Palau Blaugrana: “we’ve done a great job throughout the whole season. This competition requires work every week, and it’s difficult to maintain the right frame of mind.”

The manager of the roller hockey team attributes the merit of winning this season’s three titles- the Spanish Super Cup, King’s Cup and OK Liga - to the quality of his players. “With these players you can go wherever you want,” he said. The European League sits on the horizon as the last competition of the season for Cairo and his men, but for now it’s time to celebrate the OK Liga title. He added, “now we can leave the Liga that we’ve brilliantly won to one side. We have three or four days ahead of us to relax and then we can prepare for the continent’s most prestigious competition.”

Here are the statements made by FCB’s players after the match:

Beto Borregán:

“I’m very pleased with the title, this is the 15th OK Liga of my career.

“Getting to this point wasn’t easy. Liceo fought us all they way until the end.

“We’re working on our Final Eight game. We’re going with the intention of winning the competition, and we’ll give it our all. I’m very excited with the possibility of winning this trophy.

“At the start of the season a lot of people doubted the team, the truth is that we are a very ambitious bunch.”

Marc Torra:

“I’m very happy, because this doesn’t come around every day.

“I want to thank the people that stood alongside us and gave us the support we needed.

“We only lost once in the Liga and we drew twice. That can only be attributed to the team’s work ethic.

“It’s spectacular to be able to celebrate the title here, at home, with our supporters.

“Now it’s time to enjoy the title, we can focus on the European League later.”

Celebratory meal

The Barça team didn’t wait to celebrate the title they won this Monday evening at the Palau Blaugrana. After the celebrations at the Palau, the team went directory to the Hotel Juan Carlos I to have their traditional celebratory meal.

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