Gaby Cairo at the end of the match / PHOTO: Àlex Caparrós - FCB

It wasn’t meant to be. The Barça roller hockey team were defeated in the Final Eight of the European League by Coinasa Liceo (4-2). The Barça manager, Gaby Cairo, commented after the match that his players fought until the end. “We had our chance to win, but we didn’t deserve the title today. We’re leaving with our heads held high because we’ve had a spectacular season,” said the manager.

He also congratulated Coinasa Liceo for their victory in Lodi: “we didn’t play well and we weren’t comfortable. I want to congratulate Coinasa Liceo because they played an impressive match. They dominated ball possession.”

The Argentine manager also commented on his team’s performance: “we tried to play at the same level, with a lot of mobility, but it was a slow match, that stopped up and Liceo controlled our play.”

After the defeat to the Gallego side, the manager talked about Coinasa Liceo’s play style, highlighting that their goals “hurt us a lot”  and that they had “the luck of the champions on their side” in pivotal moments during the match.

Proud of his team

Cairo admitted that the final result was not what he anticipated, but he said that “it was a good afternoon” because his team fought until the end to be European champions. “We have a fantastic team. We’ll try to win the title next season. We’re a bit hurt now, but we’ve had a fantastic season.”

Lastly, he also talked about Beto Borregán, who is retiring now that the season is over. “It’s a shame that he’s leaving after this defeat, he’s a winner. Just like the rest of the players on the team, he played a great match,” said Cairo.

Beto, happy that the team fought until the end

The players also talked about the match after their defeat to Liceo. “We work all year to win this competition. It wasn’t meant to be and we can only congratulate our rival, finals are always decided by small details,” said Marc Torra. The man of the day, Beto Borrgán, also showed his respect for Liceo: “They played their cards very well.” The Barça captain said that he’s proud of the way he was recognised after the match. “It really touched me that they gave me an ovation,” said Borregán, who also praised Liceo for their superior play in the European League Final.

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