Barça still tops the OK Liga / Photo: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS-FCB

The Palau Blaugrana watched the match between Gaby Cairo’s side and Voltregà as if it were a drama film. FC Barcelona, without the injured Reinaldo, narrowly edged out Voltregà 4-3 in a game where it looked as though the home side had it won in the first half when it led 2-0. The second half, however, proved to be difficult with the visitors turning the match on its head when they stormed back to lead 2-3 five minutes from the end. Torra, with a hat trick, was the hero of the night when he scored the winning goal (4-3) with three minutes left on the clock.

With this victory FC Barcelona continues to top the OK Liga table for another week, and remain victorious in the Palau, having only drawn once while on the road. A brilliant start to their OK Liga campaign.

Two very different halves

Marc Torra was the man of the match. At the start, his goal gave Barça the lead on six minutes. Barça had many chances on goal during the first half, but they went to the dressing room with the one goal advantage.

The second half, however, was much more lively, with six goals, three for each team. Torra struck again and secured a 2-0 advantage through a free hit. The game seemed to be over at that point, but Voltregà wasn’t ready to call it quits. In a blink of an eye the visiting side turned the game around. Teixidó scored two goals and tied the game up in two minutes, while Urbano put Voltregà ahead with five minutes left on the clock.

With the game not going as planned, Barça set out to show what they were made of; on the same minute as Urbano’s goal, Pable Álvarez brought Barça back on level terms. Barça turned the game around and finished their fightback when Marc Torra completed his hat trick with 180 seconds left on the clock. A startling but happy ending for FC Barcelona.

La fitxa

FC Barcelona, 4
Voltregà, 3

FC Barcelona: Sergi Fernàndez, Mia Ordeig, Pablo Álvarez, Marc Torra and Marc Gual (starting five), Borregán, Panadero.

Voltregà: Albert Grau, Juli Anguita, Jordi Romeu, Jaume Molas, Roger Torelló (starting five), Jordi Urbano, Gerard Teixidó.

Goals: 1-0, Torra, min 6; 2-0, Torra, min 33; 2-1, Teixidó, min 37; 2-2, Teixidó, min 38; 2-3, Urbano, min 43; 3-3, Pablo Álvarez, min 45, and 4-3, Torra, min 47.

Referees: Navarro, Antonio and Molina.

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