A Barça-Vic is always more than just a game. Two Barça players that once applied their skills in the service of Vic, Mia Ordeig and Marc Torra, admitted that the red and white side “are not having consistent performances in the Liga,” but by just looking at the named that make up the squad that “they can do a lot of damage at any moment.”

Torra: “Vic is always Vic”

“Vic is always Vic. They are an unpredictable side, with players that have a lot of talent; they can hurt any team at any moment. It looks as though the new manager has changed the team a little, although they aren’t where they should be in the table. I expect a pretty even match and I hope that the Palau keeps on being a fortress for us,” said FC Barcelona’s Pichichi (with 39 goals this season).

Ordeig, a player that was once captain of CP Vic a couple of seasons ago, warned of the mentality and fight that Vic’s players bring to the court: “yes, it’s true that this season they haven’t been as consistent as others, but a Barça-Vic is always a complicated match like we saw in Igualada, you can never let your guard down. I expect a fighting Vic like always, we have to be alert to beat them at the Palau.”

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