(Photo: Àlex Caparrós-FCB)

I’m professional sports, having eight days to prepare for a match is a real luxury. This is the situation that FC Barcelona’s roller hockey team find themselves in ahead of the match against Alcoy. It will be the last stretch of the season in which the roller hokey team will have so much time to prepare for a match seeing that the Final 8 -venue still yet to be determined- is just around the corner.

Eight days and five training sessions

The Azulgranas, who brought the King’s Cup to the Museum this Monday, will train five times to prepare for next Monday’s match. Besides the the training session this Monday, Cairo’s men will train on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday (this last session in Alcoy). The team will enjoy days off on Wednesday and Saturday, while they are scheduled to travel on Sunday.

Fifth match on Monday

Up until now, Barça have played four OK Liga matches on Monday. Their record is favorable. The first game on Monday was against Vic, where Cairo’s men won by 2-3 on week 4. Two weeks later, Barça visited Blanes and they also won 3-5. On week 11, Barça played at the Palau against Reus and won 3-1. Finally, the last game was played in La Coruña against Liceo. They won 4-6.

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