Beto Borregán skated for the last time in his career on the Palau Blaugrana court. The captain of FC Barcelona’s roller hockey team played his last home game as a professional player this Sunday in the match that paired Barça against Coinasa Liceo. The supporters at the Palau Blaugrana, the people that have watched Borregán apply his trade for 18 years, wanted to pay their own tribute to the Azulgrana.

His team-mates, as well as the Liceo players also wanted to give Borregán the sendoff he deserved. Before the start of the match the two teams came out onto the court with black shirts, with the number 21 on the back, that read ‘Thank you, Beto’. The video screens at the Palau played an emotive video as Borregán skated out onto the Palau’s court. The players lifted their sticks and formed an honour guard to receive the player with the second most titles in the history of the Club (58).

La Liga caps off the party

Even though Barça won the title a couple of weeks ago, it wasn’t until this Sunday that the Catalans received the trophy. The Barça player in charge to lift the title was none other than Borregán. The party could not have ended without a lap of honour from the champions and another honour guard for Borregán and his teammates.


After the party, Borregán tried to contain his emotion. “I wasn’t expecting this. When you start in sports and in Barça you never think you’ll last this long, you don’t think you’ll win so much,” he said. Gaby Cairo defined Borregán as “an unrepeatable player.” Without losing his humility, Barça’s captain said “there are players in the squad that can mark an era.”

Gold insignia from the RFEP

During the tribute, Beto Borregán was awarded the gold insignia of the Spanish Skating Federation from the president of the organization.

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