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Alberto Borregán, better known as Beto, has spent his entire professional career in FC Barcelona’s roller hockey team. Borregán, an avid player at the young age of 4, made his debut for the first team when he was 17 years-old. On March 21st, Borregán completed his 18th year in the FCB roller hockey first team, his almost two decades as an Azulgrana have been riddled with awards and trophies. The last one, in fact, was won this Monday, when he lifted the OK Liga trophy. His long and distinguished career serves as proof that Beto loves what he does and the sport.

From his debut to being named captain

In 1994 Borregán arrived at FC Barcelona after having played for Unión Deportiva de Horta and, previously, for Cerdanyola HC. The player admits that he doesn’t remember his first game in a Barça strip but he guarantees that his motivation is that of a debutant even after 18 years in the sport. “I really like this sport. I have the same enthusiasm as when I started,” he said on Barça TV’s ADN Barça programme. Little by little, Beto solidified his position in the team to the point where his name on the starting line-up was indisputable.

When José Luis ‘Negro’ Páez left the team, Beto was named the captain of the team managed by Quim Paüls. It’s been five years that Beto has been leading the team on the court with the captain armband, and without a doubt he’s become a reference point in the history of the Club because of it. Years before he was given the Barça captaincy, he was Spanish national side’s captain. He led Spain to many titles as well.

Enviable trophy cabinet

Out of all the goals the striker has scored throughout his career, the one he remembers with most fondness is the one he scored in the European Cup Final in Porto in 1999. The player, in fact, has turned the tide of many a game in Barça’s favour. For example, this Monday’s match against Calafell, he scored the 2-1 for the Azulgranas  and the definitive 7-4 that closed out the game; this scoreline allowed Barça to lift its 24th Liga title in the history of the Club.

For Borregám, this OK Liga is his 15th league title - but his total haul of silverware for Barça is an astounding 58 titles. Moreover, before the season is over, he could add one more title to his collection when Gaby Cairo’s men play in the Final Eight of the European Cup. “I have a lot of ambition, I want to win more titles,” he said recently. “I’m surrounded by the best players in the world and it’s easier to win titles with them around.”

In the past, the striker has expressed his desire to finish his playing career at Barça. Now, that wish is now a reality.

18 years in the first team

18 years
Alberto Borregán (1994-2012)

15 years
Jordi Villacorta (1967-1982)

14 years

Jordi Vilapuig (1973-1987)
Aitor Egurrola (1998-...)

13 years
Quim Paüls (1979-1992)
José Luis Páez (1994-2007)
David Páez (1998-2011)

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