Barça have won their second Champions League game | WISLA PLOCK

FC Barcelona Lassa achieved its second victory in the Champions League, after three games played in Group A. Xavi Pascual’s team visited Wisla Plock and were bold in their attacking play, helping them to achieve the win (30-37). The Catalans were able to overcome Wisla’s defensive strength and, except in the final stretch, were always in control of the match.

A fantastic first period for the visitors in which they had 84% possession, laid the foundations for the victory, Valero Rivera, Dika Mem and Jallouz helping Barça Lassa to a 13-21 lead at the break.

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The gap continued to grow after half-time and at 18-31 up in the 46th minute, the visitors had a 13 point lead. A late flurry of goals from the hosts reduced the deficit but it was ultimately in vain.


Wisla Plock, 30
FC Barcelona Lassa, 37

Wisla Plock: Borbely, Daszek (2), Duarte (4), Krajewski (3), Obradovic (2), Ivic (1), Gebala (2) – starters - Ghionea (4), Zabic (3), Mihic (3), De Toledo (3), Wichary (-), Morawski (-).
Barça: Pérez de Vargas (-), Víctor Tomàs, Valero Rivera (5), N'Guessan (2), Syprzak (4), Dolenec (1), Dika Mem (5) – starters - Entrerríos (4), Sorhaindo (2), Ariño (1), Alexis Borges (3), Viran Morros (1), Lenne (2), Aleix Gómez (1), Jallouz (6).
Goals: 3-4, 6-6, 7-9, 10-12, 12-16, 13-21 (half-time), 14-24, 17-26, 18-30, 20-33, 25-35, 30-37 (final).

Referees: Ivan Cacador and Eurico Nicolau.

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