Dika Mem, one of the stars of the game | STEPHANE PILLAUD

Barça Lassa are now in the Super Globe final after an excellent 32-29 win over Vardar, the current European champions. Xavi Pascual’s team came out on top in a tight semi-final with Dika Mem top scorer (6), closely followed by Enterríos and N’Guessan (5).

Mem started the game in great form and in the 11th minute Barça were already 5-2 up. Excellent goalkeeping from Pérez de Vargas and excellent finishing saw that lead stretch first to 10-3 and then to 13-6. The Macedonian side rallied before the break and at half time Barça’s lead was cut to 15-12.

The second half was a much tighter affair and in minute 20 they had pulled it back to 25 each. Nevertheless, Barça Lassa held their nerve and with two goals in the final few minutes, Dika Mem put Xavi Pascual’s side in front once again. Pérez de Vargas made another great save to ensure a 32-29 win and a place in the final against either Al Sadd or Füchse Berlin. 


HC Vardar, 29
Barça Lassa, 32

HC Vardar:
Sterbik (p), Kristopans, Abutovic, Cañellas, Cupic (5), Dibirov (4), Borozan (6) – starting seven- Karacic (3), Cindric (7),Marsenic (-), Stoilov (-), Shishkarev (-), Moraes (4), Milic (p).

Barça Lassa: Pérez de Vargas ,Víctor Tomás (3), Entrerríos (5), Ariño (1), N’Guessan (5), Syprzak (3), Dika Mem (6) – starting seven- Valero Rivera (3), Sorhaindo (1), Alexis Borges, Dolenec, Viran Morros, Aleix Gómez (2) and Jallouz (3).


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