Dika Mem led Barça scoring with seven goals | Sascha Klahn

Jallouz (2 goals) in action against Kiel | Sascha Klahn

The FC Barcelona Lassa handball team got things underway on Sunday with their first friendly of the preseason, a 25-29 defeat at the always tough THW Kiel at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne.

The main talking points were debuts for Yanis Lenne, Jure Dolenec and Alexis Borges, as well as a fantastic display from Dika Mem (7 goals), who was late joining the squad due to representing France at the World Juniors in Algeria.

The next test for Xavi Pascual’s side is a game on Thursday against CSM Bucharest.

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FC Barcelona: Pérez de Vargas, Víctor Tomás, Sorhaindo, Valero Rivera, N'Guessan, Syprzak, Dolenec –set inicial.

Periods: 4-2, 6-3, 9-6, 13-10, 15-12, 18-14 (HT), 21-18, 22-19, 27-21, 30-23, 32-24, 35-29 (FT).

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