FC Barcelona Lassa will finish 2017 as the only team in the Asobal League that hasn’t tasted defeat. On the 15th Matchday, they played more dynamically and with more speed than their opponents, to win against Teucro, in Pontevedra, by a 10-point margin (28-38).

However, it wouldn’t be until the second half before the visitors began to pull away. By half-time, they only led by three, (15-18, min 20), Dika Mem and Víctor Tomàs the top scorers with four each. Risking everything, the locals decided to play with an all-out attack, but Barça took immediate advantage, scoring in quick, successive counterattacks.

Seven goals from Valero Rivera, and a strong defence with Gonzalo secure under the posts, enabled Barça Lassa to surge ahead and win convincingly (28-38). It’s a victory that will give Xavi Pascual’s side confidence as they head into their Asobal Cup match.


Condes de Albarei Teucro, 28
FC Barcelona Lassa, 38

Edu Moledo (1), Dani Hernández (4), Quintas (2), Samu Gómez (6), Borja Méndez (5), Balázquez (6), Iván Fernández (3) –starters- Santana (po), Iglesias, Bruno Teixeira, Gehrhardt, García Lloria (po), Pereiro, Figueirido (1), Moyano.

Barça: Ristovski (1), Víctor Tomás (4), Dika Mem (5), Alexis Borges (3), Sorhaindo (1), Palmarsson (3), Ariño (2) –starters- Pérez de Vargas (1), Viran Morros (1), Valero Rivera (7), N'Guessan (3), Raúl Entrerrios (1), Aleix Gómez (2), Jallouz, Lenne, Syprzak (4).

Breakdown: 2-4, 7-7, 8-9, 10-12, 13-15, 15-18 (break), 16-22, 18-24, 20-29, 23-34, 25-35, 28-38 (final).

Officials: Fernández Pérez, Iniesta Castillo.

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