The Asobal League is back and it has begun in the same way that last season ended: with a Barça victory. After a solid preseason, FC Barcelona Lassa have started in the best possible way in their pursuit of an eighth successive league title. The 34-18 win over Port Sagunt saw Valero Ribera top score with 10 goals.

Xavi Pascual’s side were ahead in the game from start to finish. The visitors found it hard going in the Palau and were only able to find the net six times in the first half, going in at the break 17-6 behind.

The intensity did not drop in the second half with Port Sagunt failing to take advantage of the exclusions of Jallouz and Mem to get back into the game. Ristovski was solid in goal for Barça Lassa as was the defence in general. Goals from Sorhaindo and Jallousz near the end rounded off the 34-18 win to give the blaugranes a victorious start to the 2017/18 Asobal season. 


FC Barcelona Lassa, 34
Fertiberia Port Sagunt, 18

Barça Lassa:
Ristovski, Entrerríos (-), Sorhaindo (1), Ariño (4), N’Guessan (4), Dika Mem (3), Aleix Gómez (1) –starting seven– Víctor Tomás (2), Valero Rivera (10), Syprzak (1), Alexis Borges (1), Dolenec (1), Viran Morros (-), Yanis Lenne (2), Jallouz (4).

Port Sagunt: Bruixola (Juan Carlos Chueca), Zmavc (-), Querín (2), Spiljak (6), Sifre (1), Alegre (1), Ángel Fernández (-) –starting seven–- Ángel Pérez (2), Moriñigo (3), Ignacio Nebot (-), Linares (2), Folques (1).

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