Barça Lassa continue to rack up the wins in the Liga Asobal with another against Ciudad Encantada (34-27). Xavi Pascual’s side were led to a victory by the captain Victor Tomàs with nine goals and Dika Mem with seven.

The blaugranes went for it from the start and they took a 4-0 victory. The opposition responded through Leonardo Dutra and they closed the gap to 8-6 (min 10). Ciudad Encantada contained Xavi Castro, an ex-blaugrana, who played with the second side last year and debuted with the first team. However, Dika Mem responded excellently with a 75% success rate in each match.

Xavi Pascual’s side defended well and they were counter attacking excellently with Victor Tomàs finishing off plenty of lightning fast moves. Even though Ciudad Encantada resisted in the second half they never got to within five goals.

The counter attacks kept Barça comfortably out in front and they were patient in defence. Their next game is against Rhein-Neckar Lowen in the Champions League at the Palau Blaugrana on Sunday. Below you’ll find the top three stats from the match: 



Barça Lassa, 34

Ciudad Encantada, 27

Barça Lassa: Pérez de Vargas, Victor Tomás (9), Entrerrios (4), Valero Rivera (6), Syprzak (2), Dika Mem (7), Jallouz (1) – starting seven – Sorhaindo (-), N’Guessan (2), Dolenec (1), Borges (-), Viran Morros (-), Aleix Gómez (2), Pere Vaquer (-), Oliveras (-)

Ciudad Encantada: Leonardo Dutra (8), Canyigueral (3), Ariel (3), Nolasco (1), Sergio López (3), Perovic (1), Garajonay (-) – starting seven – H.López (1), R.López (-), Xavi Castro (5), Javi Fernández (2),

Breakdown: 4-0/8-6/11-7/14-9/16-9/break/20-14/23-17/25-20/29-22/32-25/34-27

Officials: Alberto Ballano and Alberto Rodríguez

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