First Asobal League match away from the Palau ended with a first away win of the season. FC Barcelona Lassa handball were up to the task of a difficult trip to face Bada Huesca and they won the match 23-17. Xavi Pascual’s side forgot about their upcoming Champions League debut against Rhein-Neckar Löwen, to focus on defeating the tough opposition on the night.

Goals were few and far between due to the excellent defensive work seen from both teams. In the tenth minute, the score was 3-2 showing how tough chances were to come by and how little there was to choose between the two. However, Barça scored five unanswered goals putting them 7-3 up in the 17th minute. The away team were helped by the home side ceding possession nine times and Gonzalo’s 45% save ratio.

Huesca however were a tough nut to crack and their goalkeeper Daniel Arguillas starred with ten saves in the first half and twelve in total. His team’s attack however was faltering and this gave Barça the chance to go 12-6 up after 30 minutes and then take a ten-goal lead after the break (9-19, min 42).

The lead proved to be enough even though Huesca continued to put Barça under pressure. In the end, the final score of 23-17 was a fair reflection of a good nights work ahead of the return of the Champions League.


Bada Huesca, 17
FC Barcelona Lassa, 23

Bada Huesca:
Arguillas; Teixeira (3), Gerard Carmona (2), Carró Castro (1), Oier García (2), Álex Marcelo (1), Nicolás Zungri (-) –starting seven- Eloy Felez (4), Adrià Pérez (1), Marco Mira (1), Bonanno (1), Alberto Val (1).

FC Barcelona: Gonzalo; Víctor Tomás (3), Sorhaindo (-), Valero Rivera (3), N’Guessan (3), Syprzak (5), Dika Mem (1) –starting seven- Entrerríos (-), Viran Morros (-), Dolenec (3), Yanis Lenne (-), Aitor Ariño (3), Jallouz (1), Alexis Borges (1).

Breakdown: 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 3-6, 5-8, 6-10, 6-12 (break), 8-14, 9-17, 11-20, 13-22, 15-22, 17-23 (end).

Referees: Fernández Pérez, Iniesta Castillo.

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