The Champions League returned to the Palau Blaugrana for the first time in almost a month and did so in triumphant fashion with a convincing win against Zagreb by 32-22. The home court remains a big factor in Barça Lassa’s favour as they remain unbeaten this season in both league and Europe in the Palau.

Xavi Pascual’s side excelled both going forward and in defence. Ristovski was in tremendous form in between the posts, conceding only eight goals on his watch. The arrival of new signing Aron Pálmarsson generated huge interest before the game and he received a great ovation from the Palau. The Icelander eventually entered the fray in the 20th minute and his first contribution was an assist, hopefully the first of many.

The home side were always in control with Ristovski again in outstanding form in the second half. The Croatians mounted a mini revival after the break but it was short-lived and Barça soon re-established themselves in the game. The blaugranes lead stretched to 30-17 before finally settling at 32-22. With this latest win Barça Lassa remain leaders in Group A of the EHF Champions League. 


FC Barcelona Lassa, 32
Zagreb, 22

FC Barcelona Lassa: Ristovski (-), Entrerríos (-), V. Rivera (5), N'Guessan (3), Syprzak (5), Dika Mem (4) i Aleix (1) -starting seven- Sorhaindo (3), Hernandez (2), Dolenec (2), Lenne (4), Palmarsson (1), Jallouz (2), Perez De Vargas (-), Arino (-), Viran Morros (-). 
Zagreb: Skok (-), Vori (4), D. Markovic (-), Horvat (5), Susnja (-), Mandalinic (4) i Vuglac (-) -starting seven- Z. Markovic (2), Lucin (1), Kontrec (2), Valcic (2). 

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