Barça Lassa fell to defeat in a Velux EHF Champions League match dominated by both teams at various stages (31-28). The hosts took the initiative from the first whistle and although Xavi Pascual's men equalised, Pick Szeged pushed on again and went to the break ahead. In the second half, goals from N'Guessan and Dika Mem were not enough to break the Hungarian team’s resolve.

The match began with an exchange of goals but Pick Szeged were soon into their stride, moving into an early lead (6-5, min 10). Two more quick goals saw the hosts further ahead, but the Blaugrana didn’t stop fighting and were level again shortly afterwards (8-8, min 15).

Superb defence from the Hungarians and swift, effective attacking play saw them surge ahead again (14-10, min 25), though N'Guessan and Pálmarsson were able to reduce the deficit just before the break (16-13).


N'Guessan and Dika Mem kept the scoreboard ticking along, and a Pálmarsson goal even put the visitors ahead, 18-19. However, they were unable to resist late home pressure and with five minutes left to play, the advantage was back with Pick Szeged (28-25).

Despite Barça's attempts to equalise, a last minute goal from the Hungarians completed the scoring. Barça Lassa’s next game will be on Tuesday at Granollers in the Asobal League (8:30pm CET).

Match details:

Pick Szeged, 31
Barça Lassa, 28

Pick Szeged: Sego (-), Källman (1), Balogh (9), Skube (1), Gaber (-), Sostaric (1), Banhidi (2) –starters-, Sierra (-), Bodo (4), Sigurmannsson (6), Gorbok (3), Gonçalves (2), Fekete (-), Sego (-), Blazevic (-), Buntic (-) and Zhitnikov (2).

Barça Lassa: Pérez de Vargas (-), N’Guessan (7), Sorhaindo, Mem (6), V. Tomàs (2), Rivera (3) i Morros (2) –starters-, Entrerrios (3), Sorhaindo (-), Ristovski (1), Ariño (1), Syprzak (1), A. Borges (-), Lenne (-), Palmarsson (3), Gomez (-) and Jallouz (-).

Breakdown: 3-2 / 6-5 / 8-6 / 10-8 / 13-10 / 16-13 (break) / 17-16 / 19-20 / 22-22 / 23-24 / 28-25 / 31-28 (final)

Officials: Evgeny Zotin and Nikolay Volodkov. 

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