FC Barcelona Lassa handball earned a 35-22 win over French side Paris Saint-Germain on Saturday to continue their fine form in the Velux EHF Champions League, with their eighth win in nine games.

The Catalans, playing in front of their own supporters, took a little while to get going, and had to fight until the last to secure victory over a sturdy outfit.

The toughness of the encounter was highlighted by the half-time score, with the two teams going into the break at 14-14. Jallouz, with four goals, the returning Karabatic and Abalo with three, were the top scorers of an intense first thirty minutes.

Barça got their noses in front at the start of the second and Gonzalo made some great saves to keep it that way right until the end.

The visitors managed to stay within close proximity to their hosts, but Barça showed real resolve to earn a 35-32 win, with Lazarov putting the finishing touches with a late goal.


FC Barcelona Lassa, 35
París Saint-Germain, 32

Barça: Gonzalo, Víctor Tomás (4), Syprzak (3), Raúl Entrerríos (1), Valero Rivera (5), Jallouz (6), Dika Mem (1) –starting seven- Viran Morros, Andersson (3), Sorhaindo (3), Lazarov (9), Ariño (-), N’Guessan (-).

PSG: Omeyer, Abalo (5),Remili (-), Nikola Karabatic (4), Mollgaard (3), Luka Karabatic (5), Gensheimer (3) –starting seven- Nielsen (-), Mikkel Hansen (7), Narcisse (3), Stepancic (2), Skof (ps).

Score every five minutes: 3-2 / 5-4 / 6-7 / 8-10 / 12-13 / 14-14 (half-time) / 18-17 / 21-20 / 24-22 / 27-26 / 30-29 / 35-32 (full-time).

Officials: Lars Geipel and Marcus Helbig.

Attendance: 6,110

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