The FC Barcelona Lassa handball team, who took to the court wearing messages of support for the injured Filip Jicha, were intense from start to finish at the Palau Blaugrana tonight as they saw off Port Sagunt. They took an early lead and never looked back as they marched to the 103rd consecutive win in domestic competition.

Ariño, Dika Mem and Valero Rivera all bagged five goals each, while Lazarov went one better with six in a game that was as good as over by the time FCB led 10-4 after 13 minutes, while Macedonian keeper Ristovski also made a contribution with some outstanding saves.

By half time they led by eight (21-12), and the second half was nothing but a formality, and the rout could have been higher still had it not been for the experienced goalkeeping of David Bruixola in the visiting ranks.

So, the unbeaten record is maintained, and unsurprisingly, Barça Lassa are still flying high at the top of the league.

La fitxa del partitMatch stats

FC Barcelona Lassa, 34

Fertiberia Port Sagunt, 25

Barça: Ristovski (-), Noddesbo (1), Ariño (5), Viran Morros (-), Dika Mem (5), Saubich (3), Andersson (2), –starting seven- Syprzak (2), Valero Rivera (5), Entrerríos (-), Lazarov (6), Joan Amigó (1), N’Guessan (-), Víctor Tomás (1), Gonzalo (-) & Jallouz (3).

Port Sagunt: Bruixola (p), Spiljak (4), Pozzer (8), Alegre (7), Ruiz (3),Linares (2) i Pacheco (4) -starting seven- Moral (-), Tarrasso (1), Sergio Berrios (-), Chueca (-), Fernandez (1), Sorrentino (-), López Ruíz (2) & Sario (3).

Periods: 3-3 / 8-4 / 11-4 / 14-6 / 18-9 / 21-13 (descans) / 23-14 / 24-15 / 27-15 / 29-17 / 31-21 / 34-25 (final).

Àrbitres: Alberto Ballano Dueñas i Alberto Rodríguez Rodríguez


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