Barça are in fine form in the Liga Asobal and they have carried that form nicely across to the cup as well. A 33-28 defeat of Naturhouse La Rioja means they’re on course for their sixth consecutive Copa Asobal in Sunday’s final.

Not that this was an easy game and Barça trailed early on before finally going two-up at 8-6. As the game progressed they struggled to expand on their lead, and there was still only a goal splitting the teams at the break.

The game continued with Barça Lassa still picking up the goals at only an infinitesimally faster rate than their opponents, but they managed to get things up to +4 (25-21) by the 45th minute mark.

La Rioja were running out of time to react and not even a late 3-0 streak was enough. Barça held on, and will meet either ABANCA Ademar Leon or Fraikin BM in tomorrow’s final.

Match stats

FC Barcelona Lassa, 33
Naturhouse La Rioja, 28

Barça: Ristovski, Rivera (2), Entrerríos (4), Virán Morros (-), Sorhaindo (1), Dika Mem (3), Víctor Tomás (1) –staring seven–, N'Guessan (4), Noddesbo (-), Ariño (2), Sypzark (4), Saubich (-), Andersson (1), Jallouz (6), Lazarov (5) & Gonzalo (gk).

Naturhouse La Rioja: Kappelin, Ángel Fernández (6), Lángaro (6), Garabaya (-), Vigo (4), Montoro (4), Rocas (4) –staring seven–, Molina (2), Peciña (-), Sanad (1), Luisfe (-), Sánchez Migallón (-), Garciandía (1) & Aguinagalde (gk).

Periods: 2-2, 6-6, 8-9, 11-12, 12-14, 18-17 (HT), 20-19, 24-21, 25-21, 28-22, 30-26, 33-28 (FT).

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