The Catalans comfortably cruised at Cangas. | VÍCTOR RUIZ

FC Barcelona Lassa rolled to an easy win at Cangas on Saturday, a well-played triumph that keeps them in first place.

Early on, Cangas were briefly able to withstand the Barça onslaught, after which the result became clearer by the minute.

Dika Mem and Jesper Brian Noddesbo led the way with 10 and five goals, respectively.

Barça led throughout the second half and at one point led by 19 goals, highly demonstrative of the team’s state of form.

The win is Barça's 12th of the season in 12 tries. Their next game comes against Villa de Aranda on 18 October at 8.30pm CET.

Check out the team's full schedule, here.

La fitxa

CB Cangas, 23

FC Barcelona Lassa, 42

CB Cangas: Moises Simes Otero (1), Ruben David Soliño Garcia (7), Jesús Soliño Garcia (1), Pedro Henrique Hermones Silva, Nikola Milošević (1), Nikola Potić (5) i Pablo Castro Chapela (2) –starting seven– Eduardo Jose Salazar Heigl, Serafin Pousada Magdaleno, Alejandro Pombo Fernandez (2), Eloy Krook Castaño, Paulo Da Costa Flores (3), Daniel Cerqueira Rodriguez (1), Alen Muratovic i David Garcia Barreiro.
FC Barcelona Lassa: Borko Ristovski, Cedric Sorhaindo, Aitor Ariño Bengoechea (3), Dika Mem (10), Viran Morros de Argila (1), Joan Saubich Mir (4) i Filip Jicha (1) –starting seven– Gonzalo Perez de Vargas Moreno, Jesper Brian Noddesbo (5), Lasse Andersson (2), Valero Rivera (4), Thimothey N'Guessan (1), Kamil Syprzak (5), Aleix Gomez Abello (2), Wael Jallouz (3) i Kiril Lazarov (1).

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